Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Project Jesus for Children

Alright, now that I have caught up updating you all on the wedding and such, I would like to catch up updating and telling you about what has been going on in ministry in the last months.

Shortly before my wedding, I had been praying for quite a while about ministry and praying that God would open up some doors, when I met another Canadian missionary at my friend's bridal shower. Ministry came up in conversation and I mentioned that I was looking for more ministry. Something stable/ a little more structured than my past ministries. Well, after a couple minutes, Holly, a fellow missionary, spoke up and said that her family's ministry was looking for more people to help out. I was a bit reluctant seeing as so many "open doors" had fallen through in the past, but of course I was interested. So I spent a few weeks before my wedding, checking out and job shadowing the ministry. The more I learned about this ministry, the more I realized that I had a heart for it and that so many children from so many different backgrounds were being reached by this curriculum. So I made a decision shortly after my wedding that this was the ministry I would be working with.

The ministry is called Project Jesus for Children and it's vision is to keep Jesus in the school's here and teach about values. They have created a curriculum approved by the education board called "Vital Values with Jesus". The program works with the Jesus Film for kids and teaches about the life of Jesus/values through different scriptures and movie clips. It has been well recieved and is working on a national level all across Costa Rica, as well as Nicaragua and Honduras. The family who started this organization is origionally from Cochrane, Alberta, so it is really neat to meet/work with some fellow Canadians who are also from Alberta! This ministry doesn't support any specifec denomination as the ministry focuses on what we all have in common like having a relationship with Jesus, believing in the Word of God and that we can only recieve salvation through Jesus.

One of the many blessings of this ministry, is that they actually do all of the fundraising and pay an average salary to those working in the Organization. They have expanded so much that they are constantly looking for more people to keep up! God has really blessed this ministry and there are so many fruits coming out of it. After praying about it, I have decided to leave CTEN, my awesome mission's organization, and join Project Jesus for Children. This will be my last month recieving donations through CTEN. Next month will be my first month being paid by Project Jesus for Children.

However, with that being said....I would really like to mention that although I will be recieving a salary, that the Project always has needs continue this work and to keep expanding the work. I am going to put the information to donate to them on this blog for those interested in supporting the Project as a whole.

Also, I would really like to say thank you to all those who have personally supported me in these last years. Part of my reasoning of switching organizations, is that it has been increasingly harder to fundraise (its not my strongpoint) and now that I'm married, I'm not sure when I will be able to share in Calgary again. I also like the idea/ find it easier to find supporters for a project overall rather than for myself. 

This is a humble organization that is non profit. Donations go towards the expenses it takes to donate books to schools in need, do teacher training sessions, visiting all the different schools and being a support to teachers and expanding the work to new schools. Below is a link to see a short video on the ministry;


For Information on/ and to Donate to Project Jesus for Children, Click the link below.


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  1. That sounds great Rach! Hope it is a real blessing in your 'new' life as a wife!
    Miss you!blessings!