Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, I can hardly believe that it is almost March. Every month seems to fly here and before I know it, I realize that I haven’t sent an update in quite some time. I can hardly believe that I have been living here in Costa Rica for almost a year. God has opened so many doors here and I feel so blessed to share in the blessings of the ministry here. Instead of trying to explain away the last few months which would be lengthly and quite impossible I will share about my last few weeks and hopefully will find a way to send more regular updates.

This month was different then a lot of months. First of all, we finished all the work for the sponsorship program which included a lot of shopping, organizing, handing out uniforms and school supplies. After several trips to the store and several other trips exchanging shoes and such, we had everything delivered and around 70 children ready for school! It was a lot of work but so priceless to see the smiles on the children’s faces.
After the sponsorship program was finished I thought that I would have a couple weeks off to relax……but…….as per usual in Costa Rica……something came up! I ended up rushing my room-mate Marilyn to the emergency room as she was in extreme pain and hemorraging. In short, they ended up operating on her uterus and sent her home less than 24 hours later to recover at home. So my job for a week and a half was to take care of Marilyn. The surgery also left its emotional impact on her as she found out that she will most likely not be able to have children. About a week and a half after this surgery, we had another scare and ended up in the emergency room again. Much to her relief and mine…..she didn’t need another surgery.

The above picture is a picture of Marilyn and her family. Marilyn is the girl in the blue shirt.

This last week I was translating for a medical team and had the privelage of working with doctor Kit who works in Cambodia. I was so amazed by the openness of all the people who came to see him. We were able to share the gospel with some of the patients and have some meaningful discussions and prayer times. This really opened my eyes to how much people really are searching. I honestly was expecting more rejection but instead all I saw were people who were hungry for God. What an encouragement that was!

It was also neat because one of the things that I have been praying about is doing more relational and discipleship ministries. It’s like God was telling me to feed them. They were coming with different health concerns but there was this intense spiritual hunger that I saw. God really used this time to encourage me and helped me to focus more on the reality of the spiritual struggles that people are going through. Perhaps the biggest lie is the assumption that people don’t want to hear.

That has pretty much been what is going on down here in this moment. Next week I am starting 3 weeks of classes at YWAM about working with children at risk. I’m very excited to learn more as everyday I am faced with different social situations. This is also an excellent time to get to know other people working in ministry here in Costa Rica and take a few weeks to think and pray about future ministry here. I will finish this newsletter with some prayer requests:

1) Please pray for Marilyn. Marilyn’s health is still not the greatest. She has high blood pressure and gastritis and is still recovering from her surgery emotionally. Also, there are a lot of things going on in her family that is keeping her stressed. Pray for the healing of relationships in her family.
2) Please pray for me. Pray for direction. I am finding that there are so many doors here and I’m praying about what steps to take. Also keep my financial situation in your prayers. I am really struggling financially.
3) Please pray for provision for my ministries. Specifically the children’s soup kitchen. Also pray for more workers for the soup kitchen.