Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fellowship, Freedom, and Stretch Marks

It has been such a blessing to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people here. I have been both blessed and encouraged by talking with people about God's work in Costa Rica and his heart for missions. I came to Canada afraid of sharing in groups. Public speaking has always been something that has been hard for me to do. But through the stretch of sharing, God has really encouraged me by showing me how people here really do have a heart for missions. It's so good to be a part of the family of God!! We all work together to reach the world!! Some pray, some encourage, some give, and some go....each so crucial.
Throughout this time God has really been teaching me to wait on him. In the beginning of our time, Me and Anita really wanted to volunteer and fill all of our time. However, nothing ever seemed to work out....and after a while I sensed that it was exactly how God wanted it. Sharing here in Canada has helped me grow in trusting God with everything and has started to free me from the bondage of timidity. I think I always felt that if I shared, that I wouldn't be able to really share my heart in a way that people could understand or that people wouldn't be interested. I couldn't have been farther than the truth on this. The acceptance and encouragement at each group really showed me that I am not on my own in my journey as a new missionary....that I do have people that stand behind me and are truly interested in the things going on in Costa Rica.

 Before each meeting,  Me and Anita would pray for God's words and not our own. We didn't plan or strategize how we were going to share, but left all of that open to the Spirit's leading. Really giving each meeting to God, helped me to conquer my fears and really open my heart to people. It has been a growing experience for me. I now feel better equipped and secure knowing that more people are lifting up me in prayer as well as the people that I work with...Marilyn,her family and the youth and children who live in poverty. I feel more prepared to return and pursue relational missions and discipleship.

 My reason for coming to Canada for the last 2.5 months was to build a foundation of people to partner with God's mission in Costa Rica and also to simply reconnect. Even though one of the reasons I came was due to financial issues, I felt compelled from the start to come simply to share and encourage. The focus has been off of my finances and on connecting with people and seeking prayer for my ministries. I know that God is able to provide for my needs and that he will bring the right people to partner with me. The blessings I have recieved simply by sharing in fellowship here far outweigh's anything else that could come from it.

 Me and Anita have shared with all different kinds of groups....from kids to seniors. Each group bringing so much encouragement to us. If you were at one of these meetings.....thank you for coming and being so open to us and for being such an encouragement. I am ready to head back and get working again. I feel rested, refreshed and full of passion to continue in God's plan for me in CR. I will be arriving back in Costa Rica July 30th!!!!! Please keep my ministries and financial needs in your prayers. God bless!