Friday, September 3, 2010

Please Pray!

I have been going through a whole lot of spiritual attack lately since arriving in Costa Rica. It has been the weirdest attack I have ever been through. I have been so incredibly blessed by God and he has been opening doors informally with different youth here just encouraging them and having great conversations about God. He has also shown me how much he is covering my every need.....he has opened my eyes to how many wonderful people he has placed in my life. I am not alone here and I am truly blessed, that I am sure of. I also have felt God's presence and Holy Spirit so strongly guiding me.....I have literally felt it so strong, I can compare it to being wrapped in a big fluffy blanket. I feel like God has some big things coming. the same time and just as intensely, Satan has been attacking me. I felt it so strong this week that I actually have felt short of breath at times. So please keep me in your prayers. I went to my get away in the mountains the last few days to really pray, read my Bible, and have some fellowship with a missionary friend. I know that God is doing some cool things and Satan doesn't like it. I am also feeling that some of these spiritual attacks are coming through Marilyn or that Satan is attacking her too. Please pray. Something is off and I really feel it.

 Also, I will be dedicating this month to fasting and prayer specifically, and seeking God's continued guidance in ministry....I feel God pulling me in a specifec direction but need his confirmation above all. I know that God is calling me specifically to disciple but am seeking how he exactly wants me to go about it. I believe in the power of prayer and would appreciate your prayers!