Friday, May 7, 2010

Visiting Canada

I am coming to Canada!!!!! But…..only for a limited time! I am hoping to reconnect with all of you and also just share about the amazing things that God is doing here in Costa Rica!!! I will be in Canada from May 14th-July 30th to just seek God in the vision he has given me, share it…..and also to see what you all have been up to the last year!! But… order to make this trip a success, I need your help!

Have you ever imagined what it would like to be raised in a slum? Could you picture what life might be like for a teenager or child growing up amongst abuse, drugs and family dysfunction? How would you think of your future if you couldn’t finish your education or were discouraged to do so? Imagine living in a place where being abused is almost expected, where drug addiction is just a part of life, where neglect and rape commonly starts right in your home. Imagine the possibility of your own parents prostituting you so that they can pay the rent. Now…..imagine this……..this is NORMAL.

Sadly, this is the reality of life for many living in the slums. Despite the presence of many organizations, the need is never covered completely. Even so, many come with medical aid, food , clothing, and churches but the problems remain and the youth/children are left in despair. They have food for the day but they are getting eaten up spiritually.

What is the answer to bringing hope to these youth? I believe the answer is simply spending the time to know these youth and be that encouragement. Encouragement to follow their dreams and encouragement towards God. The church needs discipleship, people willing to answer the questions that so many have about God and life without any strings attached. Full acceptance of who they are in the moment. Who will tell them that they have value? That they have purpose? That with God’s help they can break the cycle of dysfunction? And this is exactly the problem………….there is a HUGE lack of people who do this!

Think about the people in your life who made in a difference……who was it? Hmm I’m guessing that it was someone who simply took the time to know you and love you. That’s exactly what I want to do; build relationships in the community, share God with everyone and disciple those who want to have a deeper relationship with him. The idea is simple but the mission is difficult….but the good news is that YOU can help!

Ways that you can help!!!

1) Become a Prayer partner for my ministry! I am working in a community that lives in poverty and I work with children/youth at risk. Many of them come from really hard situations. This is very challenging for me and I need prayer. I need people committed to praying for God’s work here in Costa Rica.

2) Be an Advocate! One thing that I would like to do is share about the ministry going on in Costa Rica. I need Bible Studies/ small groups to share with. I plan to bring some snacks from Costa Rica and possibly cook a typical Costa Rican dish for some or all of the small groups. Could you open your home and invite some friends over? Do you know friends who have Bible Study groups that would be open to hearing about Costa Rica? Please…..let me know!!!

3) Partner with me Financially! In order to carry on in the ministry here and reach out to children and youth at risk, I need the finances to cover not only basic living costs but also funds to help the ministries I work with.

There are many ways that you can make a difference in the lives of children and youth at risk in Costa Rica. Please pray about whether God is calling you to partner with me and the work here. If you are interested in meeting over coffee to talk, I am more than happy to share about Costa Rica and also learn more about you. If you feel God tugging your heart to missions, I would also love to meet you! For those of you who are not in Canada and would like to chat....we could email or arrange a skype call. My email is