Friday, March 26, 2010

Texas, Drama, Stress.....and Peace.

The last two weeks have been such a blessing to me. I came back from my missions orientation in Texas last week both refreshed and encouraged. I learned so much and had time to really focus on my vision and how to better connect people to God's mission here in Costa Rica. During the orientation and my time talking with my pastoral support, I have decided to take a trip to Calgary for 2 months to raise supporters and reconnect with my community there. I am praying about when and how to go about this. Please pray for me as I make preparations for this.

Of course, whenever I leave the country, a surprise situation is always waiting to be uncovered upon my return. This last week here has definitely been a challenge. When I came home, my room mate was very sad. As she explained what happened, she started to cry. Some people in leadership in her life accused her of doing some things that she hasn't been doing. She is so hurt by this. She has had a rough life but Christ started changing her life around two years ago. Some people think that she is still living like she did before. This has really made me sad because I know that she has been doing well. I know Satan is really using this situation as a huge discouragement in her faith. She is losing trust for the Christians who are in her life. Please pray for her during this time and pray for me as I continue to love and encourage her in her faith.

Also, pray for me as I will be speaking with her leadership regarding the situation. I don't want to enter this situation thinking over protectively of Marilyn but just as someone who is questioning the situation with love and understanding. This is a challenge after seeing her so upset all week and crying every day about the situation. But God holds this in his hands and I trust that he will give me the words I need.

The positive of everything that has happened in the last months is that God is filling me with his peace. I was so worried and stressed and it was running me down. But through my trip to Texas and just taking it easy this week and praying, I feel peace. God has my finances and he has Marilyn in his hands. I need not worry but just to continue walking and seeking after God's direction.

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